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11 Tattoos That Don’t Actually Make Justin Bieber Tough

29th March, 2014

It was proven time and again in the infamous Justin Bieber deposition footage: This 20-year old is really just an immature, petulant child. But just try telling that to ...

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Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Perform Sexy Dance Routine: Watch Now!

11th March, 2014

Hey, a Justin Bieber video that doesn’t make him look like an arrogant douchebag! With the world still shaking its collective head over Bieber’s deposition last week, he ...

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Justin Bieber Storms Out of Deposition, Grows Irate Over Selena Gomez Questions

7th March, 2014

Justin Bieber was back in Miami, Fla., on Thursday, though hopefully he hired himself a driver to shuttle his read end around this time. The artist sat for ...

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Justin Bieber Penis Video: Approved for Release!

5th March, 2014

Prepare yourselves, Beliebers. You will soon get a look at Justin Bieber’s penis. With the Miami Police Department already having released footage of Bieber being searched and Bieber taking ...

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Justin Bieber ARRESTED for Drunk Driving, Drag Racing in Miami

23rd January, 2014

Justin Bieber has been arrested following an incident early this morning, according to multiple reports. It was really just a matter of time, wasn’t it? Following a scandal-filled ...

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Justin Bieber to Face FELONY Charges for Egg Tossing Incident?

13th January, 2014

Los Angeles County Sheriff detectives reportedly have their sights set on Justin Bieber… and they are taking aim. In the wake of Bieber allegedly throwing as many as ...

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Snuggle Up, Are Totes Back Together

4th January, 2014

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were spotted on Segways this week, riding around together and causing many to wonder if the former couple was once again an item. ...

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: Spotted on Segways!

2nd January, 2014

Earlier this week, Justin Bieber released a special music video in which he’s seen serenading many female fans on stage. But it’s the sighting of Justin and one ...

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Justin Bieber Rides a “Roller Coaster,” Releases Latest Single

25th November, 2013

Justin Bieber did not perform at the American Music Awards last night. But the singer more than made up for that absence very early this morning when he ...

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Justin Bieber Releases New Song “All Bad”—Listen Now!

11th November, 2013

Justin Bieber isn’t letting a little thing like food poisoning get in the way of releasing a new single. Just hours after tweeting about his tummy troubles, the ...

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